Infragas Norge AS is a single purpose Norwegian entity established to manage a 5.006% interest in the Gassled joint venture. The company was founded in May 2011 and is based in Oslo, Norway.

Gassled is a joint venture owned by infrastructure and E&P companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and serves as the formal owner of the majority of Norwegian gas transportation and processing infrastructure. Gassled is the world's largest offshore gas transmission system and conects gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf with terminals in continental Europe and the United Kingdom. Gassco, owned by the Norwegian government, operates the Gassled system as an independent system operator.

Gassled characteristics

Pipeline system - a 8 000 kilometre long pipeline network of large-diametre, high pressure pipelines including three riser platforms connecting all major gas-producing fields on the NCS to onshore terminals in continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

Processing plants - two large gas processing plants located at Kårstø and Kollsnes in Norway separating liquidfied petroleum gases (LPG) from dry sales gas. The LPG products are shipped from terminals located on the plants while the dry gas is transported to the market via the pipeline system.

Receiving terminals - gas receiving terminals in Dornum and Emden (Germany), St Fergus (Scotland), Easington (England), Dunkerque (France) and Zeebrugge (Belgium) connected to the European downstream transmission and distribution systems.

Schematic outline of the Norwegian gas transportation system:

Gassled joint venture participants

The Gassled joint venture participants are Petoro, Solveig Gas Norway, CapeOmega, Silex Gas Norway, Infragas Norge and Equinor.
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