We stand for superior investment performance aligned with our owners' financial obligations, and will look for it everywhere while upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.


We have identified five core organisational values that represent the bedrock on which we operate. They define our employees' expectations of each other and are reflected in our everyday activities.

Strive for Technical Excellence
At Infragas Norge, technical excellence is achieved through a commitment to lifelong learning and attention to detail. It is our aspiration to be the best in the world at what we do, both individually and collectively.

Delegate Responsibility and Embrace Empowerment
Our objective is to get decisions made where expertise resides through accountability at all levels. Empowerment means pushing obstacles aside, generating options and executing on the best choice among them.

Act with Integrity
Acting with integrity means doing what is right. At Infragas Norge, it also means keeping our word. Keeping our promises establishes a high level of respect among employees within our organisation as well as for Infragas Norge in the marketplace.

Act as One Team
To "Act as one team" means to cooperate and draw on our collective infrastructure of support and ideas. It refers to building on each other's skills and pooling expertise. It requires a commitment to learn what is needed to work together and to develop trust to depend on each other.

Be Results Driven

To "Be result driven" at Infragas Norge means to focus on effectively and efficiently achieving our objectives and fulfilling our mandate, while upholding all of our core organisational values.